Size matters.

Up – Up – Up – Up – Up.

Down – Down – Down – Down – Down.

And no, I am not talking about the economy. Nor my personal love life. I am talking about stairs.

During an uplifting walk through the East of the city, I found something odd. It was about stairs.

The whole experience of climbing up and down a particular staircase felt strange. You had to look where you go, make sure that your now seemingly ginormous foot would perfectly hit the step without loosing balance, and keep your eyes on the prize – aka the stairs.

Usually walking up and down stairs feels the same. So what was different?

The steps felt too small. Can steps feel too small? And if these ones felt off – is there a universal stair size?

Research says yes. The height of a step is restricted to around 17-20cm. The pitch (how steep the flight of stairs is) is supposed to be best and most comfortable between 30-35 degrees. The tread depth should be at least 27cm.

It is astonishing how many rules there are around us. And how we pick up on them if they are slightly changed.

And apparently, size matters.


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