Have You Ever Thought About…?

People watching.
Drinking coffee.
In class.
At work.
At the gym.
On the train.
On the walk home.
In the shower.
Lying in the darkness, just before falling asleep.

No matter where we are, our brains are constantly switched on. Thoughts flow in, thoughts flow out. Some make sense, others don’t. Most are random.

There is two ways of handling random thoughts. We can disregard them as unimportant. They don’t matter, they don’t have value. Or we can ponder on them.

I often wonder what random thoughts other people have. Do they think about the same stuff? Do they contemplate the same things? How have random thoughts lead to great ideas?

I believe there is intrinsic value in random thoughts. Even when they are absolutely pointless, thinking about things is good. It is awareness.

Imagine we would share these random thoughts. Feed of each other’s ideas, get inspired, laugh at the complex simplicity of the world around us.

Entertaining, thought-provoking, random. That’s DailyMusingsAnonymous. According to the motto of “Have you ever thought about…?”  – this blog is an exploration of the mind and  its random bursts of thoughts.



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